For improvement of foaming and heat insulation of resin which melting viscosity is low or best viscosity range is limited, you can make foaming upon Crosslinking and the other is Crosslinking first and foaming by decomposition of blowing agent. There are two ways for Crosslinking. Physical method is to make resin mixing and foaming with gas by decomposition of blowing
agent with heating over decomposition temperature of them.
For example, Non-Crosslinked foaming is by physical method, Chemically/Physically Crosslinked foaming by chemical blowing agent.
  The Non Cross-Linked PE foam sheet developed by POLYCELL-KOREA with its own technology is consists of innumerable cells thermo-chemically expanded with low density polyethylene resins. There are various shapes of FOAM such as Sheet, Hose , Rod & Net.
  Board both waxed or laminated, EPE and EPE foam (XLPE) are provided in punched form as per the required caps specification of diameter and thickness. The liner is fitted into the cap and it acts as a secondary seal. The primary seal once broken exposes the product, so these reseal liners provide assured air tightness and protect the product for as many times as used.

Foam Board is used for a wide variety of applications including POP advertising, photo mounting, picture framing, signs, models and digital printing. A wide variety of application in the field of framing, mounting, point-of purchase advertising, sign, models, exhibits, presentation and graphic arts with features of creativity, lightweight and movability.

EPS FOAM EXTRUDER for various 'P.S (polystyrene) Foam Board' out of 'Extruded P.S Sheet'